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Chicken pot pie

I think my friend Sam recommended this book to me a while ago. Juli and I made the mini chicken pot pies out of Tina Bester’s book ‘Bake’. As I looked up more info on her, I’ve just realised that she’s South African! It’s a sign.  These pies were incredible. So quick and easy to make too. You’ll need to buy the book to get the recipe. Or mail and ask me nicely. Maybe I’ll type it out for you.


9 thoughts on “Chicken pot pie

  1. Hi, the recipe is mainly chicken and mushroom – I didn’t add in all the cream. Just a bit to make it all come together. The pie topping is good old all-butter puff pastry. So not too salty. Although, I am a HUGE fan of salt! It’s my weakness. So bad.

    I’ve just added in the recipe for you. So take a look.

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