Love / 01

So this site will be filled with what I love and loathe. I feel passionately about a lot
of things but I get irate and irritable and LOATHE a lot of things too!

I’ll start with one of my loves and one of my obsessions: Scrabble.

We used to live with a really good friend of ours, Ed. We played a LOT of Scrabb.
Now that it’s just Sheldon and I, I’ve had to resort to playing on my phone, otherwise
I end up having withdrawals.

We invite Ed over for dinner quite often – not because I actually want to see him,
it’s a ruse, it’s mainly because I want to play real Scrabble with him.

When my sister was here on one of her trips, she bought me a new Scrabble board
which is an exact replica of the original boards. It’s so beautiful. It even has the proper wooden tiles and tile racks! It really is a thing of beauty.

Above: Original board replica from Jo

Above: Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That’s a lazy susan especially designed
for your Scrabble board. I know, Scrabble Geek.

Above: Part of our housewarming gift from Nat when we moved in to our new place.

Above: What are the chances hey?


2 thoughts on “Love / 01

  1. aaah, i so agree. i have been snapping up vintage scrabble sets on ebay for years….it’s an obsession. there’s nothing better than the wooden tiles and London beer gardens are the perfect place for a game. friends now just expect the scrabble set to come out after Sunday lunch.

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