Loathe / 01

I’ve got my window open because it’s such a nice evening and one of those huge, loud flies has just flown in to my room. He’s buzzing against the window, bashing into it every two seconds, making a really loud, annoying sound every time. He’s now taken to flying from the window to my mirror on the other side of the room, bashing into the mirror and then flying back into the window. I’ve opened the window even more so he can fly out but no, he just flies into the glass, every single forking time! They are so stupid. Had enough. Just got up and killed him. Sorry to all the peace loving Buddhists out there. I tried to help him but he had to die.


2 thoughts on “Loathe / 01

  1. lyonsloudroad says:

    Love it!! Know the feeling exactyl … we have even had a few birds fall down our chimney, and they do the same thing!!! Haven’t killed one though – but know someone who would – Jo!

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