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Trapani-style rigatoni

Last Sunday, Robyn and Shane came over for lunch. Shane is a really old friend of ours from beach days back in Durban. He was here on holiday and we haven’t seen each other in about 12 years, so it was about time we caught up. I made a pasta out of Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals – this book is so good because it gives you a side and dessert to go with your main in each recipe.

I actually ended up making banana and hazelnut tartlets from my Ottolenghi cook book instead. I’ll post about that tomorrow.

He said to add the chopped up tomatoes (raw) at the end of the pasta but I roasted mine for a bit. Not a fan of raw tomaaats thanks.

I added crunchy bits of bacon to the pasta too

That’s me and Shane. Not sure why it looks like I’ve got liver spots on my chest?


Trapani-style rigatoni with griddled chicory
and a rocket and parmesan salad

by Jamie Oliver

Serves 6

500g dried rigatoni
40g parmesan cheese
100g whole blanched almonds
2 cloves of garlic
1-2 fresh red chillies
2 large bunches of basil
4 anchovy fillets in olive oil
450g cherry tomatoes, red and yellow if possible

Add the pasta and boiling water to a large saucepan, turn up to a high heat
and cook according the packet instructions, with the lid askew. Fill and reboil
the kettle, for topping up, if needed.

Put the parmesan, 100g of almonds, 2 peeled cloves of garlic and 1 or 1 chillies
(stalks removed) into a food processor and whiz until fine. While the processor
is still running, add 1½ bunches of basil, 4 anchovies and two thirds of the cherry
tomatoes (300g). Whiz to a paste, then add a lug or 2 of extra virgin olive oil.
Taste and season if needed, then put aside.

By now the pasta should be perfectly cooked, so drain, reserving some of the
cooked water, and return it to the hot pan. Add hte paste, mixing well to coat
the pasta. Add a splash of water to make it silky and loose.

Tip the pasta into a large serving bowl, toss quickly then scatter the reserved
cherry tomatoes and basil on to and take to the table.


Chicory salad
2 red chicory
2 white chicory
Balsamic vinegar
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
½ clove garlic

Trim the chicory and halve each one lengthways. Lay them flat side down
on the griddle pan. Turn every few minutes and take off the pan once nicely
charred on both sides.

Move the chicory to the board. Roughly chop it, then dress it with a couple
splashes of balsamic vinegar and a couple lugs of extra virgin olive oil.
Season with salt and pepper. Pick and finely chope the rosemary leaves
and crush over ½ a peeled clove of garlic. Toss together and take to the table.


Rocket salad
1 x 100g bag of prewashed wild rocket
40g parmesan cheese
½ lemon

Put the rocket into a bowl. Use a speed peeler to shave the parmesan over.
In a small jug, mix 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil with the juice of ½ a lemon,
then season to taste. Take the salad and dressing to the table.


One thought on “Trapani-style rigatoni

  1. I love the idea of adding bits of bacon too, that’s a super idea! I’ve been steadily going through the Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals book, and this one is my next meal to try out. I’m going to do the boozy trifle dessert too, very excited!

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