Loathe / 02

So lately I’ve been using the underground to get to work and back. I used to jet around London on my Vespa, now I’ve had to resort to walking and trains. It’s a shlep. I know
I shouldn’t complain about our transport system – it’s not really the trains, it’s more the people that drive me insane.

When I was on my way home tonight, I actually started writing a long list of irritations on
my phone. Just to remind me so that when I got home, I could write about all of them.

Here’s my list:

People who listen to their music on the train when it’s so loud that we can ALL hear it.
Keep it to yourself people. I really don’t want to hear the faint tttsss tttsss tttsss or ootts oootts ooots sounds all the way to work.

People who text or play on their phones with the keypad tones ON? What is wrong
with you? Can you not hear how annoying that is yourself?

Men who sit with their legs so widely straddled, they’re practically doing the splits.
I’m pretty sure your member isn’t THAT huge that you have to sit like that and take
over my side of the seat.

People with overpowering perfume / after shave. It gives me a headache.

People with overpowering BO. Take a shower once in a while.

My final moan of the day is about people who are striding ahead of you, walking
the walk and then all of a sudden they just stop, so you ram them from behind.
If you’re going to stop, move to the side and get out the way.

Be warned, this list could go on and on. I could write a book about all the things
that irritate me but I don’t want to scare you off.


8 thoughts on “Loathe / 02

  1. This made me laugh Caro! I always think of you when someone does something annoying on the train, I can almost hear your loud sighing and imagine the look you would give them! People who constantly sniff or clear their sinuses should be added to your list! And tapping, I can’t stand people who tap to the beat of the music they’re listening to.

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