Loathe / 03

I arrived back in South Africa on Wednesday morning. I’m back home for 3 weeks
this time. No, I don’t loathe South Africa, I love it. I wanted to write about forking HAYFEVER. Why is it that I suffer so badly in SA and I’m absolutely fine in London?
You would think I’d be worse in London with all the pollution. Well, I think there’s
a plant or tree or something weird in this country that sets me off. As I stepped off
the plane in Joburg, I started sneezing. My nose started itching and all I wanted to
do was rip my face off so I could give my face a proper scratch. That sounds extreme
but I really mean it.

PS: Might neglect my blog for a few days – been so busy with my niece and nephew. Haven’t had time to update properly.


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