Loathe / 04

So my nickname is the Spelling Nazi. I can’t stand spelling mistakes – especially in
a book, newspaper or a menu. It kills me. When friends mail me and I see a mistake,
I correct them. I know it must irritate them beyond words but I can’t help it. And don’t worry, I’ve been known to make a few typo’s myself and some of these friends have
saved these mails in a special folder so they can send it to me when I correct them.
I think I get this trait from my mom. This is a woman who reads in bed, then opens up
her drawer, gets her pen out and actually corrects the word in her book. She crosses
it out and writes the correct spelling. Hilarious. The thing is, I get it. I’m the same.

Anyway, I was walking past this shop near our place and saw this sign in the window.
Had to stop and take a pic. OK, I know it’s not a typo but look at the grammar.



3 thoughts on “Loathe / 04

  1. crikey moses we are twins, bad spelling and grammar annoy the crap out of me. I can’t be friends with people who don’t know the difference between loose and lose – KILLS ME!!!

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