Time to say goodbye

So after 12 years of living in London, Sheldon and I have decided to move back home to
South Africa. This has been a big decision for us but an easy one too. We’ve had quite
a tough year and during this time we’ve both realised how we need our family around us. How it would have made things that much easier. It’s been so good living here and I’ve
loved every minute of it. We’ve made so many good friends. Lifelong friends. So the distance will be hard but at least everyone knows they always have a place to stay in
Durban when they want to come visit us in South Africa.

I’ll be leaving here the first week of December and Sheldon will meet me there at the
end of December, once he’s worked his notice in.

I can’t bear the thought of goodbyes for now. At the moment I’m on such a high thinking
about us living back home, close to family and friends – people I haven’t been able to
connect with for so long. So I haven’t really had a chance to think about leaving all the
people I love here. It’s not going to be easy but at least with modern technology like
Skype, email, Facebook, blogs etc, we will never seem too far away.


11 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. Robz Dunwoodie says:

    Splish…. Sad to see you guys go, but so pleased for you too. And, who knows, we may all end up back there in the years to come… ?

  2. Paula Gooderson says:

    I’ve been back for 18 months and loving it! So happy back home in the Dirtbin. I’m sure you will be too.

    Hopefully Britt will be home soon after you.

  3. Dalene says:

    So glad for your sister – jeez she is going to love having you around. And I can’t wait for the first dinner party…always good to hang out with a fellow foodie. D x

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