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The Mall Tavern

I went to dinner on Wednesday night at The Mall Tavern in Notting Hill with Soph, Vinnie, Serena, Emma and Mills – these are my English girlfriends who I met through my friend Ed. It was good catching up again. Em now has a baby girl, Liberty. I’ll be meeting her for the first time this weekend. Can’t wait. Soph is now moving to Sussex with her sister Willa.
Mills has moved in with her boyfriend Paul. Vinnie’s little boy, Joe, has grown so much already. Serena’s also had a little baby girl, Ivy. When I think of how all our lives are changing and all that I’m going to miss, it kills me. Meeting up with friends from now on,
is always going to be an emotional experience for me.

Anyway, let’s move on to the food. We went to The Mall Tavern for drinks and dinner.
I had the kids portion of macaroni cheese with a side order of salad. So good! Sometimes you just need a bit of stodge in your life. The others had fishcakes with salad, cottage pie, chicken kiev, roast partridge and now I can’t remember what Serena ate? It was all good and I can definitely recommend the place.

Another thing I’m going to miss, pub life!


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