Why are people so annoying?

So in one day, I’ve been annoyed by 3 different people.

01/ The Pen Clicker
I’m freelancing at the moment and the guy that sits next to me, is a pen clicker.
Yes. Lid off. Click lid back on. Lid off. Click lid back on. Lid off. Click lid back on.
Can he not hear how annoying that is? Does it not irritate anyone else around us?
Why do people do this? Can you all just stop it right now!

02/ The Finger Tapper
So after a whole day of pen clicking, I get on the train and head home. Only to
get sat next to a Finger Tapper. He had his music on really loud, his brolly resting
inbetween his widely spread legs (touching my knee) and throughout the songs he
was listening to, he tapped his forking fingers against his forking umbrella. Tap, tap,
tappity, tap, tap. Yes. You’re listening to music and you’re enjoying it. Well done.
We don’t all want to hear about it so stop tapping your fingers! No amount of evil
glares gave this guy the hint that I was annoyed by his stupid finger tapping.

03/ Disco Legs
As soon as I saw another seat further down the carriage, I gapped it, only to get sat
next to a guy with Disco Legs. Yes. Bouncing his legs up and down the whole way
to frigging Balham station. I was trapped between a rock and a hard place. I had
to suck it up, close my eyes and hope like hell that my journey would end as soon
as possible.


5 thoughts on “Why are people so annoying?

  1. Ashe says:

    I am seriously starting to think we are the same person!? Crikey moses I hear you! I have a ‘talk really loud on the phone about CRAP’ candidate, a ‘hoot incessantly to open the driveway gate’ wanker and my favourite ‘zero concept of personal space’ invader to contend with…

  2. Nat Cronje says:

    Hahahahaha. Where’s that pic of the guy from M&S who insisted on singing EVERY word of EVERY song that came on the radio. All LOUD and proud.

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