Lavish Habit

I met my friend, Christine, for tea and cake at our local coffee shop in Balham
called Lavish Habit. I sent my sister a pic of this place when they first opened.
They had a board in the window explaining that it was owned by two sisters
with two different passions. So it’s a café but also has beaut homeware and
clothing in there too. Christine and I shared a slice of toasted coconut loaf,
slathered in butter and maple syrup AND a big fat slice of carrot cake. If you
are ever in the area, you really should go take a look.


4 thoughts on “Lavish Habit

  1. Bridget says:

    Love the wall paper…it is wall paper right? And as for that vintage horse lamp – OMIGOSH – Im back in Granny’s house!!! Love it!

  2. Yes, that’s the wallpaper in the loo! I love it too. I keep going back to look at that horse lamp. I love it so much. Just wish I had an endless supply of money to buy all these things. x

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