The perfect egg

So now that I’m not working, I love having a really nice breakfast at home, sitting in
the kitchen, listening to 6 Music. My dad taught me a trick a while ago on how to make
the perfect fried egg. Well, perfect for me anyway. I love a runny yolk but obviously can’t
have a snotty bit of white present. That makes me want to vomit. So he cracks it in the
frying pan with a tiny bit of oil and then he puts a lid on top of it so it sort of steams at the
same time. I’m sure this isn’t groundbreaking news for a lot of you but it was news to me.
My eggs usually went crispy on the outside and that made my fillings feel funny. This way,
the yolk stays runny and the white is perfectly cooked too. Perfection in an egg.


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