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Northumberland / 01

I’ll have to split this post up in to 3 different parts because I’ve taken so many pics and
I can’t cut out too many of them. Last weekend, Sheldon, Eliot and I went to go visit
Rosie, Dickon and their baby girl, Lola, in Hexham, Northumberland. Their home,
Black Hall, is now a B&B, so if you’re in the area, you should go and stay there.

It is so beautiful up there. I loved every minute of it. Long walks, fresh air, getting back
home to a slice of cake and a cup of tea by the fire. Mmm, life is good there! Made me
wonder why I’ve been living in London for so long, when we could have enjoyed a more
peaceful way of life living there.

Yet again, it was so sad saying goodbye, wondering when I’ll see them again. Thinking that
the next time I see Lola, she could be 5 or something ridiculous! Who knows when we’ll
meet again but with true friends, the time and distance doesn’t matter because the day
we see each other, in years to come, it’ll be like we just saw each other yesterday.


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