Bye bye Burnbury Road

So we’ve moved out our flat now. Our first home together. Alone. Just the two of us.
It was quite sad moving out of there actually. But we’re staying at Ed’s now. I lived
with Ed for years, before I met Sheldon. Then Sheldon and I lived with Ed for a year,
before we moved in to our own place at Burnbury Road. So being back here, is like
coming back home anyway. It hasn’t been a huge adjustment at all really. Well, getting
used to a double bed after sleeping in a super king has been a HUGE adjustment.
The two of us in a double – it’s like sleeping in a matchbox. Anyway, as of today, I only
have two weeks left in the country. Can’t believe how time is flying by now. It’s unreal.


3 thoughts on “Bye bye Burnbury Road

  1. Enjoy your last 2 weeks! All change soon. Be sure to take a slow stroll through Waitrose….all that choice under one roof is going to be a thing of the past. Lots of pro’s to being here but food shopping isn’t one of them!

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