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Happy birthday Anaïs

Britt and Mark had all of us over on Saturday to celebrate their eldest daughter’s
4th birthday. As you can see, this child, like all the other little girls of this age, loves
dressing up as a princess or fairy, with those ‘lovely’ plastic high heels. She had a
ball with all of us there making a fuss over her.

Britt made a delicious fish curry as well as a chicken pie from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals.
Both were incredible. Even took leftovers home with us.

Aunty Kirst’s cupcakes

Britt’s chicken pie before it went in the oven

The delush fush curry

Anaïs doing Aunty Kirst and Nat’s nails with her new Hello Kitty glitter nail polish

The boys having a great time

Britt and Mark’s creation – the Barbie birthday cake

Aeryn and the birthday girl adjusting her leotard!

Mama showing us how to do the running man


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