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Poli’s baby shower

Nat hosted Poli’s baby shower at her place on Sunday. We all brought
food to contribute. Nat baked the most perfect batch of scones ever.
If I had space for more than one, I would have had another one but we
had samoosas, sandwiches, cheese and biscuits, cheese and ham muffins
and chocolates to eat too. I felt so sick by the time I got home!

Nat’s delicious scones – why do mine not turn out like this even though we use
the same recipe?

My cheese and ham muffins (Leon recipe)

Cheese and ham muffins
Leon 2: Naturally Fast Food

Makes 12

6 slices of ham
190g Cheddar cheese
75g butter
1 egg
250ml milk
300g self-raising flour
½ teaspoon paprika
a pinch of sea salt

Preheat the oven to 190°C/375ºF/gas mark 5.
Lightly grease a muffin tin.

Cut the ham into 1cm chunks, and grate the Cheddar
or chop it roughly.

Cut the butter into pieces. Beat the egg in a bowl with the milk.

Sieve the flour, paprika and salt into a large mixing bowl, and
rub the butter into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs.

Add the ham and cheese, then pour in the egg and milk mixture
and mix thoroughly.

Spoon into the muffin tin and cook in the oven for 20 minutes.

Place on a wire rack to cool.


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