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My baby shower

So I haven’t been making it public knowledge but for those of you who don’t know
already, I’m expecting twins. I’m 23 weeks now so the babies should be with us by
the end of March.

My girls surprised me with a baby shower the day before I flew out of London.
It was such a surprise – really didn’t think they’d have the time to organise anything
because I only found out the sex of the babies that morning! We’re having a girl
and a boy by the way.

But these girls are machines. They should do party planning professionally. They were
running around that morning as soon as I sent them a text telling them what we’re having.
They booked us in to this shop in Wandsworth where they teach you how to bake and
ice cupcakes. Now my cupcakes can look professional as opposed to a mess!

Big thanks to Britt, Julz, Nat, Tash, Jos, Wends, Robyn and Sam. I loved every minute
of it and you really made my last day in London so memorable.

OK, it’s a bit cheesy but I had to have pink and blue paper cases in honour of the twins

Masterfully done . . .


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