Scrabble words

Britt sent me a screen grab of her Words with Friends game with my sister the other day –
couldn’t stop laughing. Love it when this happens. The second screen grab is from a game
I was playing with an English friend of mine back in London. She won’t know what it means
but in Afrikaans, it’s a slang term for a ‘shag’.


4 thoughts on “Scrabble words

  1. Nat Cronje says:

    hahaha Caro – it reminded Britt and I of Big Black C**K the champion horse from our gymkhana days with Jill. Have you been in touch with her since you’ve been back? She’s after someone to coach the juniors for the 2012 comp. Give her a call. She’s still on the same number.

  2. britt says:

    yuss natalie you can speak a lotto kerrap!!
    caro we’re both sitting here giggling away, almost slightly hysterical… nat has tears pouring down her cheeks. sooo funny… these pointless gymkhana conversations take me back a few years!!

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