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Looking swell

So a few of my English friends have been complaining that I don’t put up any pics of me
on this blog of mine. I’ve been holding back doing that for a few different reasons but
now that I don’t live in London anymore, I think I will spoil you with a few pics from now
on. You lucky, lucky people.

Here’s a progression shot of where I’m at at the moment. Just over 7 months pregnant
with twins. Still not THAT big I don’t think? I’m struggling with water retention, swollen feet,
sore knees, joints, heartburn, back ache . . . the list goes on. But it’s all part of it I suppose.
I’m hobbling around like an old woman but still grateful that I’ve got this far nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “Looking swell

  1. britt says:

    so beautiful! the middle pic makes me want to cry… you look so happy! i love it!

    the hobbling around isn’t pleasant. funny for those watching, but not so funny for you!
    and it won’t be long before you’re groaning/grunting when you sit down/stand up… or needing to rock backwards and forwards a few times to gain momentum to help you get up from a couch! xx

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