The Twins

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. Main reason being that I still don’t have
internet set up at home and I can’t really drive anymore because the belly
gets in the way and I’ve been given strict instructions to lay low and put
my feet up.

I’m 32 weeks at the moment but my doctor says he might decide to deliver
any day now. So they’ll be with us sooner than expected! I think I’m more
nervous/anxious than excited – is that normal? I feel bad that I’m not more
excited but I think the reality is setting in now and I know it’s going to be
HARD work. Especially with two. I’ve seen how hard it’s been with friends
and family – and that’s with ONE child. Hell, this is going to be hectic
but I can’t wait.

Fit to bursting!

I was quite amused when I saw these T-shirts for twins. If our twins were identical, I’d get the same shirts made with an apple symbol instead of ctrl.


3 thoughts on “The Twins

  1. lyonsloudroar says:

    Very normal my child, to be anxious, the reality suddenly hits you, and it’s quite scary! Imagine your Mommy at 17 – didn’t even know how to fold a nappy – and NO we did not have disposables in my day. You will be fine, within a week, you will as though you’ve had them forever. xx

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