The room

I want to show you the before and after pics of their room. I don’t want you to see the
room as it is now, without knowing what it looked like before, when we were preparing
the space for Max and Freya. I want him acknowledged and remembered at all times.

Jo, Steve and Sheldon sorted the room out while we were still in hospital. It must have
been so hard for all of them but I’m so grateful they did that for me. I wouldn’t have been
able to do it. Just writing this post now has me in tears yet again.



Beaut baby bag from my sister. To order one contact Lauren Pennefather
on 082 576 8020 or email


4 thoughts on “The room

  1. britt says:

    he is remembered every day caro. every single day!
    and the room was, and is still, beautiful!
    lots of love!

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