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Meals on wheels

When I was back home from hospital, we were rewarded with home cooked meals which were organised by Lisa and cooked by Karla, Amber, Trilby and Sam. I can’t tell you what a treat that was. The LAST thing I wanted to do was cook when I got home. I couldn’t stand for long without being in pain and all I wanted to do was lie down and rest.

The meals were all incredible! Not going to single out any of them because they were all
so good. Sheldon even warned me that if I didn’t up my game, he’d have to leave me for
one of them. How dare he!

All my girls in London surprised us with delicious home cooked ‘ready meals’ from a friend of Juli’s who runs her own catering company. Our freezer was packed full with meals such as beef lasagna, chicken and butternut lasagna, beef stew, butter chicken, beef stroganoff (my personal favourite).

So thanks again to Juli, Nat, Jos, Wendy, Britt, Kirst, Natasha, Sam, Emma and Mandy.
I love you my girls.

If you’d like some delicious ready meals or for any catering needs, you can contact
Tracey Bowles on 082 442 8365 or email

The following meals were all from Amber. Loved all the thoughtful notes and finishing touches. She’s so good!

This meal was so delicious. Amber sent me the recipe so I could share with all of you.

Pea, pesto and bacon pasta
In a blender throw in all of the below:
A third of a triangle of parmesan
A small bag of pine nuts (big handful)
A bunch of basil
2 garlic cloves
2 anchovies
1 small bag flash boiled fresh petit pois peas – can use frozen too.
Throw them in an ice bath after they are done to keep them green.
Big pinch of salt and lots of black pepper
Blend away and when mixed turn the blender on slow & drizzle in enough
olive oil to thin the paste.
In the meantime, grill your bacon until crispy and have ready to throw over.
Cook your pasta until al dente and save a mug of the water to help blend
the pesto. Throw pesto in and mix. Just before serving, throw over bacon
and a few more gratings of cheese.

More from Amber:

Jo stopped by with a gift of sweet treats from a French patisserie in Howick. We had
lemon curd, chocolate and apple mini tarts. All so good! I should have taken a pic of
the products but was too busy obsessing over the packaging.

Josie and Lee came over for lunch the other day and she brought us a treat too.
Fresh, homemade pasteis de nata. This is the same genius who made us the killer
prego rolls. The girl is good! She should open up her own Porra café/restaurant.


5 thoughts on “Meals on wheels

  1. Anonymous says:

    What awesome friends you have – that is all just so divine.

    I still remember the lasagne you made for us after coming home with Finley when he was born. Best thing ever.

    Have you tried your Australian tea yet??


  2. Odete Williams says:

    Its wonderful to have such a good support group. The pasteis de nata look awesome. Not many people can get them exactly right, like the Pastelaria de Belem in Belem, Lisbon, Portugal. My mouth is watering. Yum. Have a blessed day. We haven’t met but being Portuguese there is always immediately a strong connection. Enjoy your precious little girl.

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