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San Lameer

So now that we’ve been given the green light to take Freya out in to the big wide world,
we took a giant leap and decided to join my sister and her family in San Lameer over the Easter weekend. I packed her bag the night before – probably over packed but I wasn’t sure what I was doing, so thought rather safe than sorry. Actually worked out that I used everything that I packed. She makes a lot of mess for such a small thing!

We had a really good time – even ventured to the beach with her. She stayed in her carry cot under a tent and we were only there for an hour. She slept the whole time. I think it was good for her to get some fresh, sea air though. Sheldon and I even had a quick dip in the sea – it was freezing but we had to get in.

Building houses with cushions

Milla not really enjoying her first tree climbing experience

Steve trying to show her how it’s done

And now it’s Sheldon’s turn – so graceful, look at him go!

This is how you do it boys!

Milla’s sweet ride – without ‘fairy’ wheels now too. Such a big girl.

Jake and Jo

Baby at the beach

This was taken because the full moon looked massive – if only I knew how to use my fancy camera properly, then you could see how incredible this moon was.

Little cherub doing what she does best


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