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Playing house

After 12 years of living in the UK, making the move back to SA was always going to be
a big one. One of the many positives of being back home, is the fact that we live round
the corner from my sister, brother-in-law and their two kids. All those years of missing
out on their birthdays, play dates, fetching and carrying from school etc, now I finally
have the quality time with them and I relish every moment.

Last Saturday I walked to their place from ours with Freya in her pram and spent the
whole day there, just hanging out. While Freya slept I got to play with Milla and her
doll house. I think I had more fun than her!

This little guy gave me the giggles – we found his house shoes amongst all the bits in Milla’s bag of goodies. Have you ever? They kill me.

Down time – getting ready to watch a movie with all her toys lined up under a blanket

Jake cleaning his black board before more art work


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