How annoying!

So my beautiful clock that I’ve got stuck up on Freya’s wall, is now irritating the hell out of me! The one ball keeps falling off the wall. It’s stuck on with the same stuff, so why oh why must it keep coming off? My dad even came round with some heavy duty double-sided but oh no, it must still drop off at every opportunity. So now when I feed her and look at the time, I get annoyed. Every single time!



6 thoughts on “How annoying!

  1. paula says:

    Oh I know the feeling but have figured out that it’s Durban humidity. Try again once it’s cooled down a bit more then the tape will have a chance to dry onto the ball before next Summer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you do realize it’s fallen off the 5, which is the time i normally would pour myself a soup bowl glass of wine and call it a day……..i think it’s destiny telling you you’re a mom now and it’s time for you to have a drink and not the young Freya, maybe change her time to 4:30 or give buy a long straw or short hosepipexxxxxxlots of love cleaver

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