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Gifts from abroad

So this little girl of ours keeps getting spoilt from all our friends in the UK and the States. Every week we get a postcard from the post office saying that we need to collect a package which is too big for our post box! I love it. I can’t wait to get to the post office to see what’s been sent.

Last week I went to collect and there were 4 big envelopes as well as a big box full of presents! I braved it and went there with Freya. Carried her in there while she was still in the car seat. She was sleeping peacefully in the car. As soon as I stepped in to the post office, she started screaming blue murder! So there I am trying to calm her while standing in a long queue – I eventually get to the front of the queue and the guy takes so damn long to get all my things. Needless to say I was very hot and sweaty by the time I got out of there. Poor Freya was practically hoarse from all her crying!

Really special handmade gifts from Marie

An embroidery spelling out Freya’s name – this will go on her bedroom door

Screenprinted cushion cover and tea towel

A gift from Claire – beautifully wrapped

Denim dress for Freya from trendy Broadway Market, cool card which is going to get framed for her in her room, a worry doll from her trip to Guatamala recently and a bar of soap for moi.

Close up shot of the soap wrapper – love the typography! I left it on for two weeks and admired it every time I was in the bathroom. Finally decided to use the soap because it smells so damn good.

Gifts from Poni and Frog

The softest brush ever – Frog even wrote her name on it for us. Love!
I brush her hair whenever I feed her. She goes in to such a trance.

Freya’s first party pack from her cousin’s birthday party

All these gifts were from Louise – she spoilt Freya with clothing and such a beaut blanket from Mothercare. It’s her best. Loo even packed in a box of Yorkshire Gold teabags for me! Love her. x


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