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Happy birthday Britt

Happy happy birthday my friend! I know you absolutely HATE every single birthday now but I say celebrate and live it up. You’re looking more byadaful than ever! I hate that I’m not there to celebrate with you this year. Our first birthday apart in quite a while. Very sad but hopefully you’ll be over here for your next one.

Brittle, you’re an incredibly loyal friend to me. Someone I know I can call on at any time – and I do. You were the one I got drunk with after a very sad time in our lives. You’re the one I sob to on Skype when I’m feeling overwhelmed with motherhood or scared when we first moved back home. I can rely on you to be honest with me no matter what. You’re an amazing mother to two beautiful girls, an incredible sister, daughter, wife and and and . . . I could go on but I’ll shut up.

Just going through some old pictures now has set me off and now I’m typing with tears rolling down my face. Emotional? Me? Mmm, nah. I miss you my friend. Happy birthday.

Britt, Julz, Caro and Nat at my hen party       As you can see, we hate the camera

Britt and Mark with Anaïs (L) and Aeryn (R)

Kirst, Caro and Britt

Posing once again – what a beauty!



5 thoughts on “Happy birthday Britt

  1. britt says:

    You’re emotional???
    A whole special beautiful posted dedicated just to me? Nearly finished me off! It’s made my day!
    Love you Ca… thanks so much for my birthday wishes!!

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