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Mariza and Silas

Maz is an old friend of mine from back in the day when we were ‘shmodels’ in the Mr Price ads. I always knew her from school but we weren’t close as she was two years behind me. Obviously I didn’t socialise with the kids back then. Ha ha. Anyway, after those Mr Price ads were shot, we became super close. We ended up working together at the same company and I would fetch her every day in my gold Beetle and we would ‘charge’ up Fields Hill with the radio cranked up to the max, singing at the top of our voices. Sounds like a scene from a cheesy chick flick but those are all good memories for me.

Anyway, she now lives in Cape Town with her husband, Dylan, and their little boy, Silas. They both came to Durban recently for a visit and she got to meet Freya for the first time and I got to see how big Silas is after meeting him when he was 3 months old. How cute is this child please? I love and miss this girl so much but I’m happy she’s so happy.

Cousins: Joselle and Mariza both having turns with Freya


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