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My sister came to visit the other day, armed with 3 gifts. One was from the artist
Bronwen Vaughan-Evans and the other two dolls were from Jo (Bronwen’s creation).

Here’s the story: The little cast jesmonite dollies are molded from a plastic doll that is a commercially produced figure that now replaces the traditional wooden doll used by the Yoruba people of West Africa to protect the mother and baby during pregnancy. There is a very high genetic incidence of twins in the Yoruba people and often one twin would not survive pregnancy or birth. The Yourba people believe that it is the purpose of this twin to bring the other (often stronger one) safely into the world. It is believed that the Ere Ibeji doll contains the spirit of the lost twin who protects the remaining live baby. The plastic rendition of the traditional Ere Ibeji is much closer to a Victorian porcelain doll than the original wooden carvings.

Well, you can imagine that when Jo heard the story/background to these dolls, she was a wreck and had to buy me two for Freya’s room. I love the story. I know it was hard for me to read and I just burst out crying when Jo gave them to me but it does give me comfort and I’m so grateful for that. I really do believe that Max’s purpose was to bring Freya to us. It wasn’t his time now. I know he wasn’t with us for long but he was a strong little boy and he just wanted his sister delivered to us safely. Job well done my boy. I’ll love you forever.

Gift from Jo

Gift from Bronwen


6 thoughts on “Dolls

  1. Jen says:

    Oh wow… so beautiful and touching….. Been reading your blog from afar and offering you distant hugs and strength as you continue this difficult journey, having lost Max after such a short, short time together. Your strength is inspiring and your family’s support a beautiful thing.

    Max will always be Freya’s guardian brother, her strong brother who delivered her safely to mom and dad. Freya and Max will always be twins, and you will always be a mommy of twins. Much love xxx

  2. Kate says:

    I’ve got a couple of the these dolls and I love them! If you look near the tummy they may have a name, mine is Aunty deidei…

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