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Happy birthday Jake and Grumpy

It’s my nephew and step dad’s birthday today. We had a Lion King themed party for Jake on Saturday. It was chaos but lots of fun for the kids with a table for biscuit icing and decorating and also face painting later. The adults got to catch up, drink champers and eat lots of delicious snacks which Jo had laid out for everyone. The kids were shattered by the end of the day – Freya had about 3 melt downs by the time she got home and I know Jo was tucked up in bed at 6.30pm!

Freya’s party frock


Milla modelling her huge Minnie Mouse heels that she insisted on wearing to the party

Alex and Ella

Sheldon and Donnie


The Birthday Boy


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jake and Grumpy

  1. Your sister did an amazing job, Jake is such a lucky little boy. Who painted their faces? Wow! And the cake is so cute! I love Freya’s pink tutu! xx

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