Ante natal group

So at first I wasn’t keen to join one of these groups when I was pregnant but we decided at the last minute that maybe it would be a good thing for after I had the twins, to have a network of friends who were going through the same thing, at the same time as me. I’m so glad I did meet up with all these people because we’ve made some special friends already.

These pics are from our last get together at Tania and Colin’s place. It’s the first time all the guys got together too. Sorry if all the baby pics are a bore for some of my readers out there but it’s the easiest way to share all these pics with the group.

Group shots

Zara and Freya

Joel and Gia

Joel grabbing Zara’s hand now – two timer!


Sam, Taylor and Sam


4 thoughts on “Ante natal group

  1. Sianne de Gaye says:

    Our little angels are just too precious :). Also so glad that we opted to do ante natal and had the chance to meet a genuinely lovely group. xx

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