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So I play a LOT of Words With Friends. I’m an addict. I was playing a game with Britt’s husband, Mark. I was thrashing him. I think the scores were 148 to 11 or something ridiculous. I got cocky. Kept sending him messages telling him how great I was, will he ever pull himself out of the black hole that he was in etc. Well, he did and then he wouldn’t shut up about how great he was and what a loser I was.

5 minutes later, I got this picture on Whatsapp. OK, he beat me at WWF but at least my pictures are in focus. Still, I laughed hard when I got this. This is a picture of Anaïs, their eldest daughter, following father’s orders by the looks of things!


4 thoughts on “Loser

  1. lyonsloudroar says:

    Hilarious, we taught Jake to do the same thing – it’s too sweet – he says “Looder” and does the sign. My boy!

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