I took these pictures a while ago – mainly for all my UK friends. When I’m feeding Freya, this is the show that I watch from her window. These monkeys bounce around like crazy on top of the carports from the flats opposite our place. They are so playful and go completely nuts – even though they can be quite aggressive, they come in to your homes to help themselves to your food etc – I still love them. They’re just so funny to watch and every time I see them there, I think, welcome home Carolyn!

Love this last pic – what is that monkey looking at so intently please?

All hunched over trying to get a good luck at his goods.


2 thoughts on “Monkeys

  1. lyonsloudroar says:

    Lucky Sam got in first – I was racing to point out the error!! Ca, when we lived in that house by the Varsity, we also used to get the monkeys on our roof, and I love them as well.

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