So I’ve been loving home so much lately. Especially this so called winter of ours. After enduring 13 years of freezing cold winters in London, the Durban winter is just a bit of a joke. I’m not complaining though. I love it. You still have sunny days, cool evenings and no humidity. It’s bliss. I’ve been doing a lot of beachfront walks with friends, checking out the Porra food festival and I went to uShaka for the first time to see the aquarium there.

Here are some pics from my outings.


Walking along the beachfront brings back so many memories. Starting off from when I was kid, going on all the rides, swimming in the sea, playing on the sand. And then moving on to when I was a teenager, hanging out at New Pier, even on rainy days we’d be there boy. Not wanting to miss out on anything. Watching all the boys surf from the pier. Jumping off the pier to cool off in the sea. Trips to Checkers for lunch. Stuffing freshly made cheese rolls with crisps for a very nutritious meal. Suntanning. Swimming. Hanging. Aahhh, memories . . .


No filter added people. The sky was really that blue!

Went to Wahooz (silly name) for lunch afterwards. Average name but really good people watching. They also had a live reggae band playing outside which was good.


5 thoughts on “Durban

  1. Taryn says:

    a trip down memory lane. Can’t believe those rides are still going. Don’t think they’ve changed since we were small!

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