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Introducing Mr & Mrs Christie

So I told you all about Nat’s hen brunch last week – then we went to the wedding last Saturday. It was our first big day/night out without Freya. Isobel gave me strict instructions that I was only allowed to text her once! I was itching to send her a text about half an hour after we left the house. Anyway, Freya was a dream child and we had such a good time at Nat and Jay’s wedding.

Nat looked incredible. Her dress was so beautiful and really suited her. I got to eat, drink and be merry without worrying about our baby. It was good to hang out with friends and to just be with Sheldon again – like old times. Come 10pm, I was itching to get home because I was missing Freya so much. She was fast asleep and didn’t even stir when I walked in to check on her. Little cherub. . .

Jo looked after Freya while I went to the hairdresser before the
wedding. She sent this pic to let me know that all was well.

Present and borrowed bag from my sister

Close up of the bag – such a beauty!

Suzy’s hands, red nails, rings and bag – all carefully coordinated

Loved Wendy’s outfit – a touch of colour blocking if you like

Me and Wends – welcome back home my friend.

The happy couple

Suzy and Nat with a floating head

How handsome is my husband please?


5 thoughts on “Introducing Mr & Mrs Christie

  1. Nat says:

    Love this post Ca, captured my day perfectly! And how cute is Freya with her aunt please. Need to see you this week so we can rehash the wedding haha x

  2. Britt says:

    Hahaaa the floating head!
    Gorgeous pics- Four looks radiant!!

    Saw that pic of Jo and Freya on fb… One of my all time favs!! She looks like she’s having a real hearty giggle!

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