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London aunties

Nat’s wedding brought in the masses from London – so I was very pleased about that. I’ve been missing all my girls so much lately. Nat C stayed with us and Jos (Nat’s maid of honour) stayed with Nat up the road from us. Sorry, there are a lot of Nats so please bear with me. Bare with me? No, it’s bear with me hey? Anyway, I’m rambling. Wendy’s now moved back home for good and she arrived just in the nick of time for the wedding on Saturday.

Freya got to spend time with all her London aunties and it made me so happy seeing her bond with all of them. Why oh why can’t we all live in the same country?

How serious is Freya’s face in this pic? With a little frown going on too. She makes me laugh so much.

We went for a walk along the beach front with Jos and Wends – had to stop off at good ol’ Wimpy for a toasted sandwich. Jos ordered the bubblegum milkshake for old times sake.


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