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Granny and Great Grandpa

Sheldon’s mom came and stayed with us for 5 days last week. She lives in Sedgefield near George so the last time she saw Freya was soon after she was born. Belinda got to spend some good quality time with her granddaughter. Freya loved it too. We also took her to her great grandfather’s for a visit. He’s besotted.

Just think about a tiny prem baby weighing 1.7kg, compared to a strapping 7kg baby. Scrolling through my old pics on my phone freaks me out a bit. I can’t get over how small she was – at the time, I couldn’t imagine having a big baby. All I wanted was chunky thighs, a full tummy and a big butt. She just had a line where her bum should have been. Poor little thing. Anyway, she’s nice and healthy now and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve attached two pics of her which were taken soon after the twins were born (pardon the black rings but I had been crying a lot) I wanted to include these just so you can compare – she’s really come a long way in 6 months hey?


4 thoughts on “Granny and Great Grandpa

  1. Britt says:

    She really has my luv!
    Those early pics just made me well up instantly. And now… Precious chubby cheeked little cherub! Flip, looking back at the old pics really drives it home hey, how much she changed.

  2. Such a long way little thing…she is such a champion, doing SO well – you & Sheldon too Ca, hasn’t been an easy journey, I am in awe xxx

  3. Lyonsloudroar says:

    You can’t actually believe what a miracle she is, and you do forget how tiny they both were. Have to hold onto that in the sad times my child. Xx

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