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Breakfast on the beach

Circus Circus is becoming our favourite haunt of late. We take a drive there first thing in the morning – we’re always up at the crack because of Freya. So as soon as we’re dressed and she’s been fed, we take a drive to the beach. There’s usually a bit of a queue but it’s worth the wait. The food is touch ‘n go sometimes but it’s worth it if you get a good spot in the front so you can people watch. There’s so much to look at. People jogging, cycling, walking dogs, people doing tricks on bikes, acrobatics etc for money. I love it. I could sit there all day. We got such a good spot when we were there on Sunday. We nabbed the table with the sofa and umbrella. Aahh, bliss . . . another shit day in Africa. This is winter? Bring it.

Good morning Durban!

Circus Circus

As I said, best seats in the house. Sheldon, cruising . . .

Madam decided to wake up as our breakfast was served



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