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The first time I went to Makaranga was with my ante natal group. We went there for lunch – the food was average but we still had a good time. It’s so beautiful there. It feels like you’re on holiday when you’re there.

We went there again on Sunday and we took Wendy with us. After lunch (again, average) we took Freya for a walk through the gardens. It’s such a nice walk (not a very long walk) but it just smells so good – lots of interesting trees and flowers. Loved it.

Wendy’s brother, sister-in-law and niece met us there later and we had a drink by the pool and then legged it home.


What a face. Just look at her man. She’s too much.

Had to add this in – pic with no filters. Look at that sky please.

Aunty Wends finally getting to enjoy some QT with Freya


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