Baby, Love

Gangster Baby and Pink Baby

This child can be hardcore gangster one day and a cute fluffy pink baby the next. She’s good like that. She likes to play around with different looks while she’s young. Just working out what she wants to be by the time she’s a teenager.

Laura’s Mom knitted her the jumper – I love it so much. It fits her like a glove now. I remember when Anita gave it to me, saying that I couldn’t imagine Freya ever being that big. And now here she is. Snug as a bug in her big girl jumper. It’s actually a bit short on the ol’ bod. She’s got such a long torso and very short legs. We’re hoping the legs grow a bit!

Wends bought the baby grow – the song was played at our wedding. She spotted the baby grow in London and had to get it for Freya. Thanks Wends.

Yo, yo, yo! West side people, west side.

And then you have the cute, pink, fluffy baby.

Is this not the cutest face you’ve ever seen? Her cheeks are so solid. I literally cannot stop kissing them. They’re hard! She gets showered with kisses. She must get annoyed.


8 thoughts on “Gangster Baby and Pink Baby

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wondered if that was one of Mum’s when I saw that pic the other day – too cute man! Those cheeks are too much….and love that babygrow – good one Wendy-Lyn. Lx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ag man, luv luv luv her!! Can’t wait to hold her! Roll on 28th November when we finally touch down in durbs!!

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