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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When Nat came over for Nat’s wedding, she brought over cash which had been collected from our special friends to buy this plant for us. When Nat and Wendy gave it to us, I opened the card and just had to close it again after I read the first sentence from Julz. I walked out the room and then came back in to read the whole card again.

These girls are so thoughtful and have the biggest hearts ever. Big thanks and lots of love to Britt, Jos, Wendy, Julz and Nat.

All their words were beautiful and so touching but this bit written by Britt, summed it all up and also helped explain the reason behind the chosen plant:

Yesterday – To remember precious Max, always with you and always in our hearts.

Today – To love and to live your lives to the fullest, drawing comfort and strength from the knowledge that Max is watching over you all, the family you are today – Caro, Sheldon and beautiful Freya.

Tomorrow – To celebrate your future, this plant will grow with you as Freya grows up, as your family grows and as you look forward to all those beautiful memories you have yet to create.

Beaut bunch from Nat to say thanks for having her in our home

I loved the cards – I’m going to frame the ‘hello little lady’ card which Nat had hidden in Freya’s room. It was a card written for Freya, from Nat. I’m saving it for her so she can read it one day.




5 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. lyonsloudroar says:

    Ca, you and Sheldon have the best friends, and they all love you so very much. Can only imagine how you felt reading their words!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi ca! Just seen this now- been so out of touch without a phone this week!
    Love you and your little family so so much!! Thanks for the lovely post and special mention! I only wish I had been there with the girls too when they gave it to you!
    Lots of love!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve thought about this so much since I read it. What a special gift, and from such special friends. Very precious. Love you lots. Lx

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