Happy anniversary to us

So exactly 8 years ago to the day, I met Sheldon at V Festival. I knew him from back in SA when we were in our early 20s but I hadn’t seen him in 5 years. Anyway, I was running across a field, trying to get some water for Sam and I – and I tripped over someone’s bag. I carried on running and then I thought I heard my name but just carried on going, thinking, I’m at a festival with 60,000 odd people – I doubt there was someone calling my name. Next minute I get a tap on my shoulder and I hear someone say “Carolyn Coelho?” I turn around, and there he is, the man of my dreams, my future husband. I literally thought that. I saw him and I started ticking boxes in my head.

– He’s an old friend
– He’s South African
– He’s hilarious
– He’s tall
– He’s got the best smile
– He’s got incredible green eyes

We had a bit of a chat. Well, he did most of the talking because all the saliva dried in my mouth and I could hardly speak! My hands were so sweaty and I couldn’t stop staring at him. I told him I had to go find Sam and that I would meet him back at that same spot. I carried on walking only for him to grab hold of my hand and say “No, I’m not risking not seeing you for another 5 years”. Sheesh man, my heart literally jumped out of my chest. He held my hand, walked me to the water stall, bought the waters and then escorted me back to our tent.

I was so in love. I was then and I still am now. I’m actually getting teary just writing this. I blame the hormones.

Happy anniversary my boy – I love you so much.



8 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to us

  1. Sam says:

    Jeez I nearly balled my eyes out reading that. Even though I know the story inside out. Still gets me every time. Congrats you love birds x

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