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Dad’s 60th

My sister and Steve opened up their home to 27 people for our Dad’s 60th birthday dinner. We had a curry evening. Jo’s friend at work made a lamb curry and chilli bites, Isobel made the most delicious butter chicken curry ever and then a friend of hers made a veg briyani. All were so damn good. I wish I could have had seconds but I was stuffed after I ate about 5 samoosas before dinner!

We had such a good night but I was finished by 10pm – it’s hard because I know Freya will be up during the night and I was already so tired. I’m usually the last one at a party, so this is all new to me.

Thanks again to Jo and Steve for everything they did to make my Dad’s birthday such a special one.

Jo’s beaut collection of plates

Place settings

Table decorations

Our present for my Dad – pics of him in his hey day

Dad and Isobel

Me and my sister, Jo

The Steps


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