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Barber shop

Jo, Steve and the kids went to Joburg over the last public holiday in August to visit our Mom, Craig, aunt and uncle. Jake’s hair was a tad unruly so Jo asked if I could take him to the barber shop for her.

I took him to Nev the Barber in Glenwood but he was closed, so we went to the guy where Sheldon gets his hair cut on Gordon Road. Shame, he looked a bit nervous and was quite quiet. I tried to distract him by showing him the toy cars in the cabinet and got him to sit on the barber’s chair before he got his hair cut.

Another man walked in after us and struck up a conversation with Jake. A bit of male camaraderie going on there but it was very sweet. When he was finished, he walked past the man and gave him a high five!

A bit dubious. Note the wet pants – he’d been jumping in puddles with his wellies.

I love old barber shop chairs

Handsome Jake with his big boy hair cut


2 thoughts on “Barber shop

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too sweet man! He’s such a gorgeous boy. I really need to get Spencer’s hair cut short, but I keep putting it off – love his long hair, but when I see other boys like Jake with his short hair, I think I really must cut it!! Lx

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