Botanic Gardens

A while ago our ante natal group met up at Botanic Gardens for tea and crumpets. I love the little cafe there. The WI ladies make fresh crumpets and scones, served with a cup of tea or coffee. We sat there for a bit, ate and drank, then headed off to the gardens to lie under the trees and play with babies. Here are two pics from our mini photo shoot while we were there. Poor kids. It was like the paparazzi were there at one stage.

Whenever I go to Botanic, it brings back so many memories. We used to go there quite a bit as Laura used to live up the road from there. I seem to recall a picnic going wrong where Bronwyn ended up with Black Forest Cake in her face. Can’t remember how or why but it happened. Aaahh, great memories.

Erin, Sam, Freya, Zara, Genevieve

Freya gnawing on Zara’s arm – sorry about the low res pic


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