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Josie’s cooking lesson

Joselle is a fellow Porra. When I was pregnant, we went to their place for pregos. I had to blog about it because these pregos were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. So she came round to our place a couple weeks ago and gave me a cooking lesson – while she’s 5 months pregnant with twin girls please. The girl is a machine! Anyway, now that I’ve been taught how to make them myself, I just know that they’re never going to taste as good as hers. She also made some peri-peri prawns to start with, which gave my Dad’s prawns some serious competition! They might have to have a Prawn Off one night. I’ll be the main judge of course.

Josie arrived in the same shirt as me – had to snap a pic and then I went and changed my top! Look at her cute belly. Love it.

The lovely Lee with Freya

Prawns in the most delicious marinade ever

Mmm, these were eaten with fresh Portuguese rolls – the best part was dipping your roll in the sauce. I’m actually salivating while I’m typing this.


5 thoughts on “Josie’s cooking lesson

  1. LIndsay says:

    yes, recipes and cooking demo on your blog please. share your knowledge…my husband will think i am domestic goddess

  2. lyonsloudroar says:

    We are going to Debi’s tomorrow for a cooking dem – 4 course, coffee, etc. R300 p/p and you eat all she dems!! Yumarella!!

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