Our new home

So we’ve been in our new home for nearly a month now. We found this place through a friend of a friend. It’s one of Durban’s oldest farm houses, built in 1870 and is a Heritage Trust protected house. The first time I walked in the place I knew it would be ours. It really is my dream home. It’s got wooden floors throughout, high ceilings, big open spaces, perfect sized garden and a verandah outside too.

Sorry I’ve been so scarce on the blog but finding time to sort the house, with Freya nipping at my heels and I’m working now too – means I’m struggling to find the time to sit down so I can update my blog. I’ll make more of an effort now that I’ve got the house just about sorted. Here are a few pics of the place so far.

Front of house – Sheldon and Freya

Love the big fern and our verandah. We’ve already had a few braais out there. It’s so nice sitting on our ‘stoep’ – we’ve even got a bit of a view of Durban.

Our ridiculously big lounge / living room – all our furniture from London seems so small in this space. We had to buy a 3 seater to fill the area, the coffee table looks like a side table and we have to squint to see our ‘wide’ screen TV.

The previous owner left the big freestanding shelves and shutters for us. So happy as there is absolutely NO storage in this old house.

I finally have space for all my ‘things’ – thanks to my Dad and Sheldon for putting up the shelves. I love them.

That’s our room to the right and the next right is the spare bedroom.

He also left us this huge mirror

I like collecting peoples’ passport pictures

Our bedroom with a hole in the floor (!) leading down to the bathroom.

At least he had built in cupboards for us – sans doors – forces Sheldon to keep tidy.

The ol’ feet in shot pic – this is our metal spiral staircase leading to the bathroom underneath our room. We really need this sorted out. A quick fix would be to put some sort of circular fence/gate around the top so my niece, nephew, Freya or any other child don’t start launching themselves down the staircase. Blood runs cold just thinking about it now. Anyway, we’re waiting on someone to give us a quote on that. Our next project.

Quite a lot of wasted space underneath here – not sure what to do with it. Either put a bath in here or it could be dressing room? It’s a bit cold down there though. Not sure I’d want to hang out down there for too long.

Spare bedroom and bathroom

A huge dining room with our tiny dining room table. It’s filled with baby’s toys, walking ring, pram, bumbo, playmat etc – but in time, I want this to be our kitchen and dining room rolled in to one. That will have to wait until we have a bit of cash to play with.

Small laundry room

The old rickety shelving unit was left behind too – so I put it in the kitchen to store all my goods. We could do with more storage space but it’s all about finding the right bits to suit your home. So I must be patient. My dad hung up my tin trays as decoration.

This was left behind in the laundry room but it didn’t have a top to it. My Dad cut some wood, joined the pieces and varnished it. He’s so meticulous and I just love it.

My collection of glass bottles.

The floating shelf which was in Freya’s room, is now in the kitchen. Needed it more than she did I’m afraid.

Handmade bunting for Freya by a good friend, Steph, from the UK. The little bird was a gift from Lisa.

The start of her wall collage – I need to collect more things to add to it now. I’ve got quite a few bits – I just have to get them framed nicely. All in time . . .

And here’s the little daahling with her Dad.

So that’s it so far everyone. I’ll keep snapping as it is still a work in progress but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Thanks to my Dad who has done so much work on the place already. Thanks to Sheldon for sorting out our security, the wall outside etc. And big thanks to my sister for helping with just about everything. The list is endless.


14 thoughts on “Our new home

  1. Britt says:

    Cannot get over this place! That space is unbelievable! What a difference to London living hey?
    And I’m glad to see my room is all ready!

  2. Lauren K says:

    You back! Yay! Been missing your posts. Congrats on your new home. It looks awesome xx Freya is getting so big. What a cutie pie.

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