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Ed was over from London on a short business trip. He flew to Durban for the weekend so he could see us and meet Freya for the first time. We loved having him in our new home and even though it’s been nearly a year since we saw him last – it felt like we had just seen him the other day. It felt like no time had passed at all. That’s what they say about true friends and this will always be the case with us.

We went to Market on Friday for lunch with Wendy. We had a braai at home later that night, just the 3 of us. On Saturday we went to the beach for breakfast, walked along the beach front for a bit after we had eaten, sat on the pier watching the surfers for a while, then headed to our Moses Mabhida stadium – we’ve always wanted to take the ride to the top of the stadium but hadn’t done it before Ed arrived. So we all cruised to the top – didn’t stay up there for too long because it was so hot. The view from the top is just incredible though. Really worth R55. Cheap as chips.

After that we headed home, had another braai, played a game of Scrabble (Ed beat me) and then went out later to Taco Zulu for Wendy’s birthday get together. Got home at about 9.30pm but Freya was awake, crying, in pain, teething. She stayed up until just after midnight. I couldn’t settle her at all. She would fall asleep in my arms and then scream and cry as soon as I put her down. She eventually fell asleep ON me, in our bed! So that was that. Sheldon got the couch, Ed fell asleep with ear plugs and pillows on top of his head, while Freya and I lay in the super king size bed with air con for added comfort.

The entrance to Market

The boys enjoying a brewski on our verandah

What a day – the view from our verandah

On top of the stadium

Had to add this pic in – this is what my arm looked like at the end of the day. I had put loads of sun block on Freya and obviously she got some on the palm of her hand. So when I was holding her, she was holding me which resulted in a tiny hand print tan. She has literally made her mark on me.




5 thoughts on “Edward

  1. Britt says:

    Love the hand print! Hahah!
    So good to see u all together again. Like old time! What a fab weekend..

    Cant wait to get back… That blue sky is just caaaaaaalling me!
    PS: madam looks so cute in her little hippo top!

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