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I’ve been helping Josie a bit with setting up her room for the imminent arrival of their twin girls and the other day I took my Dad over there to help build the cot and put up a shelf. You see, her husband is about as handy as my husband when it comes to DIY. They’re both such good men – just not very good with tools!

Anyway, she was so grateful and gave us both a bag of homemade pasteis de nata (hot out the oven) and I was given an extra pressie which I opened when I got home. Well, Freya opened it – I think she was more excited about the paper and ribbons than the gift inside it. She’ll appreciate it later come December / Jan / Feb . . .

020103The shoes on the right came in a bag FULL of clothes / hand-me-downs from her cousin, Milla, the most well dressed kid in Durban. Freya and I are both VERY grateful for all the goods. Especially these little shoes. Can’t wait for her planks to fit in to them.


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