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My friend Sam came back home on a short holiday with her partner Lloyd and new baby girl, Ella. A friend of hers that she used to work with, made Max and Freya a little knitted tooth each. It’s got a dent at the top for the tooth and then the tooth fairy replaces the tooth with money. I loved this idea and thought it was so sweet. Sam was worried about giving me both after we lost Max but I wanted both of them. Our babies came out as a pair and these gifts were made for them both as a pair and that’s the way it’ll stay. Big thanks to Shahnaz Ahmed for taking the time out and making these for our kids even though you’ve never even met us! Please go take a look at her website and she’s also on Etsy.

Sam also got me this very cool tea towel from a pop up shop called Ham. A rabbit bouncing on a trampoline – how could you not love that?

The tapestry ‘rabbit on my head’ will get hung up in Freya’s room.

Thanks Sam for being the incredibly generous person that you are. Love you so much.

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photo 2

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